About Us

Fairway Flowers is a home-based florist in the Millcroft community of Burlington, Ontario and specialize in creating a beautiful and stylish flower arrangements and bouquets. We provide the very best high-quality flowers at exceptional prices and outstanding service to our valuable clients.

We are experienced in creating stylish flower arrangements for weddings, showers, funerals, corporate events, and all of life’s special occasions.  

We pledge to provide the very best quality, value and service to all of our valuable clients.


I have had the great opportunity over the last 20 years to be part of the ownership of a successful restaurant and commercial real estate business working as the financial bookkeeper. I have been fortunate to balance raising my children and my work and as a hobby I have always had a passion for flower arranging. I have been creating arrangements as a hobby for my family and friends for many years and I decided it was time to do what I love and work full time as a florist. So, I went back to school, became a Certified Floral Designer and worked in a busy florist before starting Fairway Flowers. I am thrilled at the success already and it’s wonderful to be able to create floral designs that brings happiness to others


After graduating from Business School, I was eager to join the corporate world. My life was hectic working 16 hour days but very rewarding for a 20 something woman who wanted to climb the corporate ladder. However, after having my second child, I “retired” from the corporate world to raise my kids and moved from Winnipeg to Burlington. Fast forward a decade and three kids later, I went back to College and received my Floral Design certification. I always loved making flower arrangements and I love working with people, so starting our business Fairway Flowers with my business partner Amanda was the perfect opportunity for me to showcase all my love for creating happiness through my floral designs.